Electronic and paper claims submission

Med North submits over 95% of all claims electronically. If the insurer has the ability to accept electronic claims, we will usually send them electronically.

Electronic claims get paid much faster than paper claims. We also have a mandate in our state that requires all medical claims to be sent electronically. Our clients automatically get the benefit of having most all their claims sent electronically, no matter what state they practice in.


Claim Follow Up

Submission of claims is the easy part of Medical Billing. There are always claims that are rejected, unpaid, or underpaid. It is our job to follow up on all claims until resolution. This takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is a better bottom line for your practice.


Patient statements

Med North sends out remainder patient statements every month for your practice. We take all patient calls regarding most all billing related questions. This frees up your staff to focus on patient care.

Standard patient statements are included in the price of our service. If you need a specialized statement, we can provide it for you for an additional charge.


Soft collections

Med North will send out pre-collection letters to patients with overdue balances. Your practice decides who should get these letters. Uncollectable accounts will be turned over to a qualified collection agency.


Benefit verification

When requested, Med North will check insurance benefits for your patients, prior to their first visit. You and your patient will know what coverage the insurer should provide, or if any insurance benefit exists for your patient.


Payment review to assure correct payments

We automatically note any deficient or incorrect payments from insurers. Our experience with the specialties we work with allow us to identify and correct payments that are below the expected amount.


Patient and insurance refunds

Med North will notify you of any patient or insurance refunds that need to be sent.


Calculation of MNCare Tax

We calculate the MNCare Tax for practices in Minnesota that are subject to the tax. We are not tax experts, and these reports need to be reviewed by a competent tax professional. However, our reports have been audited by the state on several occasions. We have never had any inaccuracy concerning our MNCare tax reports.


Full range of reports

Med North has a variety of reports available to you for most any situation. If we do not have it, we often can create a custom report for many situations.